All Being Aspire for Freedom
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All Being Aspire for Freedom

Wild Motorcyclist

"It's all about freedom. When I drive my motorcycle on the highway, that's what I think about." Anton Korniychuk, a young Russian motorcyclist shared his story with us. Anton loves to explore every land.

"You may meet any possibilities on the road, like pouring rain, picturesque scenery, and, of course, danger. Every vivid landscape, subtle beauty, fright and joy you have to experience personally. It's plain to be told or read in a book." Anton said.

One day Anton rode on a federal highway. Suddenly rain was pouring down. Even a raincoat didn't help. Visibility was zero, which was so dangerous. Because there were cars driving in both front and rear of Anton at that time. "I couldn't see where to go. But it's impossible to stop." Anton said. Then he kept concentrating, and followed the fog lights of the front car. "And I had to drive very close, literally 3 meters from the rear bumper. I couldn't even see the lights any further. And then the car starts speeding up and going faster and faster." There was a big rut and a lot of water on the road. Miraculously, the rain and fog ended abruptly and the sun peeked out. Anton and his motorcycle survived together.

Always on the road, we believe that's how Anton keeps his wildness.


Pursue the Dream

Anton is not a professional motorcyclist. It was a dream for a long time. In 2010, Anton had his first motorcycle after his efforts, and it happened. So far he has driven more than 8000 km on his beloved motorcycle.
Anton and his motorcycle

Anton's Choice

We asked Anton to recommend places to visit. Here's Anton's Choice.
Baydar Gate, on the southern coast of Crimea.


Cape Tarkhankut, on the west coast of Crimea.
Cape Tarkhankut

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