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It starts from a team of outdoor super fans from well-known cell phone manufacturers. We believe there are more possibilities for rugged phones.IIIF150 is engaged to bring diverse rugged phones to the market.
By IIIF150 | 30 August 2023 | 3 Comments

IIIF150 B2 Ultra: Futuristic Rugged Phone with Ultra-Clear Imaging System

IIIF150, rugged phone manufacturer, is going to update their B line-up. The company has done an impressive job of stunning rugged phone design and ultra thin structure at its level. The earlier products of the B line-up are the top sellers, like B2021, and B1 Pro. This September, IIIF150 will bring the B2 Ultra, a CyberPunk-concepted phone.

It's time to embrace the craving for more me-time and less screen time. From this starting point, B2 Ultra is equipped with 1.1" round-shaped display on the sporty-machinery-styled rear. It will remind you whenever a notification is received. And it also provide the presentation of some basic information, like time, date, battery life and so on. B2 Ultra is also equipped with radar technology for short-range micro-motion sens ing. You could wave or tap to awaken the 2nd display, make outcoming calls or pickup incoming calls. This enables the user to minimize checking their smartphone main screen, and the possibilities of jumping into the swirls of digital distraction. IIIF150 encourage people to live in your real life.B2 Ultra provides the rugged phone experience as the digital detox solution.

B2 Ultra carries a massive 15000mAh battery. It's not a small amount, even more than three iphone combined. IIIF150 specially designs it for people with the need of long standby. Just stop battery anxiety, and enjoy the fun on the highway, the serenity in the forest, the festival on the camping site.

Glancing at the top right, the two cameras woo quality-photo enthusiasts with a 200-megapixel main sensor, and a 64-megapixel nightvision shooter that can take photos and videos no matter in daytime or dark midnight. Actually it's the first time 200-megapixel camera sensor has been applied on the rugged phones. Compared to the last generation, B2 Ultra has improved their algorithm in anti-shake and low-light photography, enabling its algorithms to generate clearer and sharper images under any circumstances. Thanks to the excellent water-resistance being tested underwater for 24 hours in 6 meters, B2 Ultra also could be used as an underwater camera. For selfies, you’re working with a 32-megapixel sensor. This enables software-based Face Unlock, but a side-mounted fingerprint scanner is also included for biometric unlocks.

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