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Founded in 2020, Shenzhen OXO Technology comprises core members from the international departments of well-known Chinese mobile phone manufacturers. Initially focused on the theme of Oxygen, represented by 'OXO,' the company aimed to create high-quality, worthy, and user-centered outdoor smart products for enthusiasts worldwide. The team introduced its first brand of outdoor rugged phones, IIIF150, inspired by the wild spirit of the Ford F-150 pickup truck.
The 'III' in IIIF150 symbolizes the rugged devices' robust attributes, including dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof features. The brand's slogan, 'KEEP WILD,' encapsulates the spirit of IIIF150, inviting users to embrace wild experiences and adventures.
The product proposition of IIIF150 is the 'Ultra Thin Rugged Phone,' which is also our goal: to bring thinner and easy-to-carry rugged smartphones and a burdenless experience to all our users.

Ultra Thin Rugged Phone

All of the IIIF150 rugged phones are progressively thin at their level, including the Air Series, B Series, and R Series. Among them, there is the thinnest rugged phone on the market.
We excel in providing more portability and robustness to satisfy people's everyday use and holiday adventure needs.

Detail Design

Based on the idea of making the thinnest rugged phone, we start the design from the first place.
From electronic modules, battery density ratio, motherboard clearance, to the assembly process, we are constantly adjusting every detail.

Tougher Than IP68, IP69K, or MIL-STD-810H

Commonly rugged phone is cerfitied IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H. IIIF150 raises the standard, withstanding the drop from up to 1.8 meters, and water resistance to 6 meters for 24 hours.